If you are looking for Cape Otway accommodation in Victoria, don’t settle for the plain, traditional accommodation. Otways is a place where you can really get in touch with Mother Nature and appreciate everything around you.

Some unique accommodation options include:

  • The Great Ocean Ecolodge — established and operated by the Conservation Ecology Centre. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in the natural world. Guests live sustainably in this Cape Otway accommodation, and you can observe wildlife with the dedicated ecologists. All profits raised via ecotourism will be invested into wildlife conservation.
  • Bimbi Park Camping Under Koalas — located at the centre of the Great Ocean Road and the Great Ocean Walk, Bimbi Park is sheltered by tall manna gums, away from noise and traffic. This Cape Otway accommodation offer powered and non-powered camp sites, camping pods, on-site vans, bunk rooms, standard and deluxe cabins.
  • Cape Otway Lightstation - the stunning Cape Otway Lighthouse built in 1848 offers tranquillity, history, amazing views and a range of Cape Otway accommodation styles including the original lighthouse keepers cottage

Take this perfect opportunity to relax and become one with nature. Find more accommodation options to suit you.